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Natural Makeup for Fair Skin Tones

Show off your best traits with this season's neutral makeup for fair skin tones. We'll help you find the perfect earthy tones and good-for-your-skin ingredients.
woman with fair skin Natural Know-How

Brighten up. Neutral makeup doesn't have to be flat. "Your skin should appear luminous, which is especially important for women with paler tones," says Joanna Schlip, a celebrity makeup artist in Los Angeles. Choose shades with shimmery pigments for light-catching radiance.

Take cover. Fairer types are prone to redness. Tap on a cream concealer only where you need it; then apply tinted moisturizer all over to camouflage any flare-ups.

Get cheeky. A quick trick for finding your ideal blush hue: Gently pinch your cheeks and take note of the color they turn. For your skin tone, it's most likely a dusty rose or a baby pink.