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Playtime: The FITNESS Gear Guide

Cool new training tools to kick your speed, calorie burn, and motivation into high gear.
Adidas miCoach kit and iPod Nano Training Tools

Pace Keeper: Adidas miCoach Kit
Stay on track as you stride with the Adidas miCoach kit. Sync the bite-size miCoach pacer (shown) to your laptop, download a personalized running plan at micoach.com, then attach the pacer to your headphones and your MP3 player. Next, snap the stride-sensor foot pod onto your shoelaces and strap the heart rate monitor onto your chest. Now off you go! Over your playlist you'll hear coaching advice based on your heart rate and speed (noted by the stride sensor). Post your stats -- pace, calories burned, and more -- online afterward. ($140, shopadidas.com)

Motivation 2.0: iPod nano
As if giving you peppy playlists for every workout weren't enough, the newest iPod nano also features a built-in pedometer, an FM radio, and a video camera. With 8 to 16 GB of memory, this slim-as-ever model still stores up to 4,000 songs and has a larger, 2.2-inch screen, so you'll have no problem viewing downloaded routines. Plus, it links up to the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit to help you track pace, time, and distance on runs. Everyone at the gym will be green with envy! ($149 to $179, apple.com)