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Easy, At-Home Spa Treatments

No time or money for professional pampering? Treat your achy muscles and stressed-out skin at home! Bliss out with these DIY tricks.
model lying on sofa Chill Out

Spas and gyms offer cool, eucalyptus-scented cloths in their locker rooms. "The scent helps relax your breathing and clear your mind," says Carol Espel, national director of group fitness and Pilates for Equinox Fitness Clubs. Keep a supply on hand: Add 12 drops of eucalyptus oil (available at health food stores) to a sink full of cool water, Espel says. Dip each washcloth into the H2O, wring out, fold in half, roll up, and store in the fridge. After an intense workout, unroll a cloth and lay it over your face until you feel calm.