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The Drop a Jeans Size Workout

The muffin top stops here! Find your dream denim and fit into it fast with our targeted toning exercises and fat-melting cardio plans. This plan is designed to slim you all over but especially targets your abs, butt and thighs.
Calorie Crunchers Cardio Workout 1: 20-Minute Circuit

Calorie Crunchers
Yeah, yeah -- you've heard it before: You have to hustle to cut the flab. Here's incentive to love, not loathe, those speed bursts: "Studies show you can net nine times the fat loss by doing intervals rather than keeping a steady pace," Schoenfeld says. Do three of these workouts a week -- stick with one or mix it up -- to get lean.

20-Minute Circuit
This series of one-minute PE classics packs almost the calorie burn of Spinning -- ideal for living-room exercisers.

CALORIES BURNED: 145 (Calorie burns are based on a 140-pound woman)

*From standing, crouch down, place palms on floor, jump legs back into full push-up position, then jump legs back to crouch pose and stand up. Repeat.