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Pain-Free Guide: The Fit Girl's Guide to Common Exercise Pains

You've worked hard to get in shape, but suddenly you're feeling more achy than athletic. Prepare for a speedy recovery with our drug-free DIY treatments.
Soothe sore shins Common Problem for Runners: Sore Shins

What hurts?
Your shin area is sore.

Here's why: You have shin splints, caused by doing too much too soon. When you run, your legs absorb a force three or four times your weight. Piling on miles too quickly can cause the tissue surrounding your shins to become inflamed.

Feel better: Wrap an ice cube in a thin rag and firmly rub it up and down your leg, on either side of your shinbone, for 15 minutes at a time.

Your new game plan: Hard surfaces exacerbate the pain, so in addition to curtailing mileage, swap in a few runs on the treadmill or a dirt path. Buy shoes with extra cushioning, and replace them every 300 to 500 miles.