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Extreme Yoga Poses and Positions

No, this is not digital computer wizardry. These are real people doing mind-boggling things with their bodies. Their physical pliability isn't innate; it's learned -- which means you can do it, too -- after years and years of dutiful practice. Until then, get your voyeuristic thrill here.
Mayurasana - Peacock Posture Mayurasana, or Peacock Posture

"You may not be able to do a handstand on your own, but you may have mastered some of the building blocks of the move. What's great about AcroYoga(r) is that someone else is letting you use her body for support to help you get there. It teaches you that it's okay to play on the edge of your fears and try things you may not think you can do. That's how you change and grow."
-- Deven, base