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What We're Sipping On This Week

Thirsty? Here are a few new drinks worth checking out the next time you're at the store. They're all delicious, refreshing and healthy -- none has more than 100 calories per serving. Cheers!
Zola Superfood Smoothie Zola Superfood Smoothie

Zola, the maker of Acai berry juice drinks, has branched out and is now making smoothies with fruits from the Amazon. My particular favorite is the Superfood Smoothie. Don't let the green color throw you off: This blend of Cupuacu (ku-pu-ah-su), Graviola, and Acai with a mixture of greens (like Spirulina), thrown in, is just the right mix of tart and sweet. The smoothies are made with nothing but juice and are packed with vitamins.

Nutrition facts per cup: 100 calories, 1g protein, 23g carbohydrate, 0g fat (0g saturated fat), 1g fiber