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The All-Day Energy Guide

You need high-octane fuel for your action-packed day. Gas up and go with our sunup-to-sundown engine-revving plan.
Plank-Up At-Home Energizer

Another successful workday is in the books (go, you!). Now it's time to tackle the home front.

"Vinyasa yoga, commonly known as power yoga, focuses on constantly flowing from one pose to the next; it's like swimming on land," says certified yoga and Pilates instructor Kristin McGee. "By synchronizing your breath with each movement, you bring blood flow and oxygen to the lungs and muscles, making you feel refreshed and invigorated." No time to take a class? "Whenever you get the blood rushing toward your head, it definitely wakes you up!" says McGee.

Try this move: Start on all fours with your knees under your hips and your hands under your shoulders. Place your forearms on the floor, keeping your elbows below your shoulders. Interlace fingers. Put the top of your head on the floor between your arms. Shift your weight onto your head and straighten your legs behind you, pressing heels into the floor and lifting your butt toward the ceiling (as in downward dog). Make it easier: Keep one knee on the floor.

Bonus Tip: Tune Up
Rock On! People who listen to fast songs (about 140 beats per minute) as they exercise may work out more intensely, research shows. Need to make a deadline? Download rousing grooves at motiontraxx.com, a free (legal) music Web site.