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The All-Day Energy Guide

You need high-octane fuel for your action-packed day. Gas up and go with our sunup-to-sundown engine-revving plan.
What Afternoon Slump?

People who go for a brisk 10-minute stroll feel more awake and experience a surge in energy that lasts up to two hours after they walk, says a study in the Journal of Personal and Social Psychology. Need an excuse to stray from your cubicle? Three FITNESS staffers share how they break free:

"I tell my boss I'm picking up a prescription. It's just shy of being TMI, so she doesn't ask questions. But the real Rx is for a little exercise. (Oops! I guess she knows now!)" -- Bethany Gumper, Senior Editor

"Once a week, I make it a point not to bring my lunch to work, so I have an excuse to go outside and meander, searching for the perfect low-budget meal." -- Lindsey Emery, Senior Fitness Editor

"I usually have books I need to return to the library a few blocks away, just far enough for a nice little walk." -- Ayren Jackson-Cannady, Associate Beauty Editor

Bonus Tip: Eyes Wide Shut
Scheduled naps aren't just for kindergartners. Air-traffic controllers who took a 20-minute snooze during their break showed improved alertness on job-performance tasks compared with workers who didn't sleep. If a nooner isn't in the cards (we can hear the boss now...), try grabbing some zzz's after work to stay sharp during your dinner date.