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The All-Day Energy Guide

You need high-octane fuel for your action-packed day. Gas up and go with our sunup-to-sundown engine-revving plan.
push-up Bust a Move!

The right exercise stimulates your metabolism -- and the more active yours is, the more bright-eyed and bushy-tailed you'll feel. "Muscle is the most metabolically active tissue in the body. Research shows that about 30 minutes of interval strength training keeps your metabolism raised for up to 38 hours after you've worked out," says Jim Karas, weight-loss expert and author of The 7-Day Energy Surge. Why churn away on the elliptical machine for 45 minutes? Use this circuit to get stoked.

Bonus Tip: The Other A.M. Secret
If you really want to top out on energy, have sex. It releases the stimulatory brain chemicals dopamine and PEA (short for phenylethylamine), which make you feel alert and playful.