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Abs: Workouts for Buff Brides

Got the perfect wedding dress -- but not the perfect six-pack? No worries. We've organized our best abs workouts by dress type, so you can tone and trim in all the right places.
ball gown wedding dress Ball Gown Styles

Ball gowns, sometimes referred to as princess gowns, are your classic fairy-tale dresses. A slim corset top meets a wide, billowy skirt usually made of layers of tulle, crinoline, or other sheer fabrics. A smart choice for pear-shaped gals (or anyone with a Cinderella fantasy), ball gowns can help give the illusion of a smaller waist and allow brides show off sleek arms, shoulders, and -- depending on the bodice -- their back.

Make the most of this waist-hugging style with these exercises, designed to strengthen your core muscles (your body's internal corset) and give you that Disney princess midsection.

6 Moves for a Ball-Gown-Ready Waist

Lose Your Love Handles with 3 Moves

We know what you're thinking: Does choosing a poofy-skirted gown mean you can skip the leg, hip, and thigh workouts? Well, you can't honeymoon in that dress, chica.