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Our Best Yoga and Pilates Exercise Videos

You don't need to go to an exclusive yoga or Pilates studio to get long, lean, and limber. Here, our favorite yoga and Pilates exercise videos to help you get fit at home for $20 or less.
Exhale: Core Fusion Pilates Plus

Another exercise video from celebrity-favorite Exhale Spa, Core Fusion Pilates Plus will transform your stomach with abs exercises that work your innermost core muscles. But your abs won't be the only body part benefiting: the workout DVD also has five 10-minute segments that focus on your abs, arms and shoulders, and lower body.

Try this Pilates-inspired move to tone your thighs and butt while still working your abs in fluid, low-impact movements. Don't be fooled by the graceful movements though -- you'll definitely feel the burn on your thighs and butt.