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Get Your Best Beach Body 2009: The Workout Plan

An ab-cinching, all-over toning routine that makes inches disappear. Combine this fat-melting workout with our flat-belly diet plan and watch yourself shrink a size (or two!) in only four weeks.
Cardio Workout 1: Rev Up Results

You're about to torch fat like never before, thanks to this plan. "Muscles are engines, and the stronger they are, the more calories they burn during cardio," says DeVito. Get going three times a week (walk, run, elliptical) using any of these sessions.

Zap flab in 25 minutes!
5 minutes: Warm up at an easy pace you could sing at (on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is lounging and 10 is sprinting, this is a Rate of Perceived Exertion of 3 or 4), working up to a moderate I-can-talk pace (RPE 5).
2 minutes: Take it up a notch (RPE 6).
1 minute: RPE 5
2 minutes: Take it up to RPE 7, where speech gets choppy.
1 minute: RPE 5
3 minutes: Go at a fast pace (RPE 8). Next, reverse order, returning to RPE 5 for 1 minute and so on.

Calories burned: 107 (walk) to 278 (run)*

*Calorie burns are based on a 140-pound woman.

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