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Stretch Your Beauty Dollar

Save time and money with these easy at-home beauty alternatives, from facials and haircuts to celebrity secrets and bargain salon services.
Fromm Spectrumm Shears Trim Tactics: Tackling the At-Home Haircut

Say good-bye to split ends without booking an appointment with your stylist. Here's how:

1. Regular scissors often have only one working blade (the dull side sweeps away just-cut hair), which can damage the hair shaft. Buy a set of professional shears (above, Fromm Spectrum Shears, $44, sallybeauty.com). "Both blades slice into hair for the cleanest cut," says Eliut Rivera, a New York City salon owner.

2. Divide and clip dry hair into three sections: the crown, the left, and the right. Unclip, pull the crown area straight up, and twist it. Cut into the ends vertically -- not straight across -- taking off damaged hairs in half-inch increments. "This creates a soft finish, rather than a blunt, uneven one," Rivera says.

3. Repeat the process on the left and right sides, but pull and twist hair downward rather than upward.

See a pro if...

Your style is one length (such as a bob), which takes precision, or if you want a total change.