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Your Biggest Beauty Secrets, Spilled

FITNESS asked 1,006 women for their top beauty secrets and questions. Want to know the secret to wearing makeup at the gym without breaking out? Find the answer, plus loads of other ways to look your best.
blonde woman No More Bad Hair Days

Forty-one percent of women say a bad hair day lowered their self-confidence one to three times in the last month. Look and feel your best, no matter what the state of your strands, with these fast fixes.

For Short Hair
Heat can work wonders on dry hair, Wright says. Blow unruly areas and pull them into position with fingers or a round brush. When all else fails, secure strands with a headband. "Place two thin ones side by side for a modern look," says Theodore Leaf, a celebrity stylist in L.A.

For Long Hair
If frizz is your mane issue, open a vitamin E capsule and rub the oil onto strands to smooth flyaways, Wright says. (Hand cream works too.) Or style hair in a loose bun: Make a ponytail at the base of the crown and pull hair only halfway through the elastic, letting ends stick out.

Choosing Hair Over Health
Fifteen percent of women have skipped a workout because they just had their hair done. If you can't hit the gym pre-salon, toss a sweatband in your bag. Place it at your hairline to prevent frizz and keep hair off your face. "It won't cause creases like a headband," says stylist Johnny Wright of Frederic Fekkai Salon in Los Angeles. If you prefer a ponytail, secure yours low on the head with a snag-proof holder such as Goody Ouchless Hair Elastics, $2.99, drugstores. "They have a looser grip than regular bands, so they won't ruin your style," Wright says.