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Your Biggest Beauty Secrets, Spilled

FITNESS asked 1,006 women for their top beauty secrets and questions. Want to know the secret to wearing makeup at the gym without breaking out? Find the answer, plus loads of other ways to look your best.
tan woman in bikini The Truth About Tanning, Sunscreen, and Skin Cancer

You got that right!
Seventy-eight percent say sunscreen is the one product they'd want if stuck on a desert island.

Now work on this...
64 percent have never seen a dermatologist for a skin exam.

Why you should get a skin exam:
One in five people will get skin cancer, the most common cancer in the U.S. But it's so preventable (wearing SPF is the most important step) and so treatable if caught early -- that's where the derm comes in. Once a year, see one for a pro skin check. It takes five minutes, is usually covered by insurance, and helps ensure that you stay healthy all over.