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Before and After: How These Real Women Get Fit

On the reality TV show, Could You Survive?, health-and-fitness guru Pamela Peeke, MD, helps real women to get fit enough to take on extreme real-life challenges. Here, meet the women of the show who dramatically changed their bodies and lives as they share how they got stronger, faster, fitter, and happier.
Naimeh Holmes I Got My Energy Back

Naimeh Holmes
Age: 29
Weight before the show: 187 lbs.
Weight now: 164 lbs.

Body Bio: "When I hit puberty, I gained a lot of weight; by age 18, I weighed 206 pounds. I tried all sorts of diets, but I could rarely ever get my weight below 190. I was so unhealthy that some days I didn't even have the energy to get out of bed."

Naimeh Holmes I Got My Energy Back

Diet Do: "I eat a ton of veggies, because they're a low-calorie way to feel full. I make sure they take up the most room on my plate whenever I'm having a meal."

Top Fitness Tip: "Plan your workout at least a day or two in advance, and stick to the time you've allotted. If you make it a priority, you'll get it done."

Healthy Bonus: "I used to always have trouble sleeping through the night, but not anymore. And the anxiety attacks, hormonal mood swings, and crazy PMS I once suffered from? All that's over now."