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10 Food Cures for Common Ailments

Experts explain what to eat to ease cramps, crankiness, fatigue, and more.
Flaxseeds Menstrual Cramps

Try: Flaxseed

Prostaglandin production is also a large factor in monthly cramps. "As the prostaglandins are released into the tissue, the uterus reacts by going into spasms," explains Dr. Lark, author of Menstrual Cramps: Self-Help Book (Celestial Arts, 2003). Studies show that flaxseed can inhibit the release of certain prostaglandins in the same way that fish does; both work by providing omega-3s.

How much? Have one to two teaspoons of ground flaxseed daily. Try sprinkling it over cereal or salad, or stir it into a smoothie.

Avoid: Red meat and dairy products. These foods contain arachadonic acids, which instigate the production of cramp-causing prostaglandins.

Try this healthy recipe: