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The Little Black Dress Workout: Get Slim, Strong, and Sexy in 4 Weeks

Get the body you want for the holidays with this can't-fail cardio/sculpt plan.
Plie with hammer/biceps curls Plie with Hammer/Biceps Curls

Targets: Biceps, butt, and thighs

Stand holding a 10- to 12-pound dumbbell in each hand, arms at sides with palms facing each other and toes pointed out. Bend knees 90 degrees, keeping knees aligned over toes, while curling weights toward shoulders with thumbs up; keep elbows tucked into sides.

After 1 rep, straighten legs (keep feet wide) and do a regular biceps curl, turning arms out 45 degrees. Lower and repeat plie squat and hammer curl; do 12 to 15 reps, alternating moves.

Too easy? Try this: Do the entire exercise balancing on your toes.