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The 10 Healthiest Party Foods: A Holiday Party Guide

Avoid party pig-out with our guide to the healthiest low-calorie finger foods. Here's what to dip, what to sip, and which foods you should feel free to pile onto your plate at your next cocktail party.
Smoked Salmon Toasts Smoked Salmon on Toasts

In a word: omega-3s. These essential fatty acids are found only in a few foods, and salmon is one of the richest sources out there. Omega-3s help keep blood pressure down, maintain healthy cholesterol levels, stave off heart disease, and if that's not enough, they give your skin that healthy, dewy glow. The American Heart Association recommends eating an omega-3 source twice a week, so helping yourself to this delicious party snack means one more thing you can cross off of your "to do" list.