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20-Minute Energizing Workout

Low on energy? Martial arts instructor and Budokon founder Cameron Shayne created this high-powered circuit to rev your metabolism, chisel your abs, legs, and hips, and blast more than 200 calories.*
Fighting Crocodile A Fighting Crocodile

Targets: Arms, chest, abs, back, thighs

A. Lie facedown with hands by chest, elbows in, head lifted, toes tucked, gaze just in front of mat.

B. Keeping gaze steady, press into palms, pushing torso up, and hop both feet toward hands in one quick, smooth motion.

C. Land with hands still under shoulders, feet wide and knees bent in a crouch, keeping knees behind toes, butt back, and back flat.

D. Lift torso, bringing arms in front of chest to block, legs in a half squat. Return to crouch, hands below shoulders. Jump back into push-up position, then lower to start. Do 10 to 20 reps.

Originally published in FITNESS magazine, November/December 2008.