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20-Minute Energizing Workout

Low on energy? Martial arts instructor and Budokon founder Cameron Shayne created this high-powered circuit to rev your metabolism, chisel your abs, legs, and hips, and blast more than 200 calories.*
Rolling Plow A Rolling Plow

Targets: Shoulders, chest, abs, back, legs

A. Sit in a deep squat with knees shoulder-width apart, butt almost touching ground, abs engaged. Lift arms straight up by ears.

B. Using control through core, sit down and roll back to tailbone. Lower arms to shoulder level and start to lean back, vertebra by vertebra.

C. Continue rolling down until entire back is on mat, keeping knees bent, lifting legs and arms into the air.

D. Roll back to tops of shoulders, extend arms straight overhead, and extend legs straight back, thighs above nose, toes touching ground near hands. Hold for 5 breaths, then curl back up to start. Do 10 to 20 reps.