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Get Party-Ready in Seconds

Simplify your life this season and get glamorous in a hurry with these fast and easy tricks for party-perfect skin, hair, and makeup.
Show off your legs Show Off Those Legs!

Tights are ideal for the office -- but not for a sexy night out. (And panty hose are always a no-no. Period.) When it's best to go bare, slather on a glistening, tinted body oil. The hint of pigment conceals imperfections such as stretch marks or veins, while the reflective quality of the oil helps bounce light off skin, further diffusing any issues. Sephora Beach Glow Shimmering Oil Spray, $18, sephora.com, absorbs quickly and is great for fair to medium skin tones. (For darker coverage, we like NARS Body Glow, $59, beauty.com.)