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The Love Your Shape Workout

An all-over, total-body cardio and strength-training workout, customized for any body type.
The Apple Workout

Superset 1: Bent-Over Dumbbell Row, Lateral-to-Front Dumbbell Raise, Dumbbell Flye on Ball (3 sets each, 12 to 15 reps; use moderate weights)

Superset 2: Lunge with Biceps Curl, Squat and Calf Raise, Rear Leg Lift (3 sets each, 8 to 12 reps; use moderate to heavy weights)

Superset 3: Long-Arm Ball Crunch, Overhead Triceps Extension, Oblique Ball Crunch (3 sets each, 12 to 15 reps; use moderate weights)

Cardio: Do at least three 40-minute steady-paced sessions per week. After warming up for 5 minutes, go at a moderate to difficult intensity (RPE of 7 to 9), hard enough that speaking more than a few words at a time is extremely difficult; cool down for 5 minutes at a moderate pace. Lower-body workouts such as using the stairclimber or elliptical machine, walking on an incline, running, or skating will blast fat while also shaping your butt and thighs.