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Better Body Boot Camp: Rev Up Your Workout

We collected the best calorie-burning, ab-flattening, total-body toning secrets and fire-you-up tricks from top boot camp instructors to help you make over your body and drop a size fast. (No barking drill sergeant required!)
Air Jump Kick Up Your Cardio

Mix basic-training moves (jumping jacks, crunches, lunges) into your cardio to torch as many calories as a five-mile-per-hour run while also shaping your chest, arms, abs, and butt -- jiggle zones a jog alone won't target, says instructor Bob Weinstein.

When time is tight, use some of Weinstein's sweatastic moves to burn about 11 calories per minute.

Air Jump 'n' Jab
Jump in place, shifting weight from side to side, as you punch forward with left fist. Jab with each jump for 1 minute. Switch arms; repeat.

Speed Slide
Lower into a squat with arms extended by sides. Shuffle to the right 2 steps and back to the left 2 steps. Go as fast as possible for 1 minute.

Foot Fire
Stand with feet slightly more than shoulder-width apart, knees bent. March in place as fast as possible -- as if stomping out a fire -- for 30 seconds.