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The 2008 Drop a Jeans Size Workout

These exercises will burn fat, tone muscle, and boost your metabolism. Challenge your body by combining strength and cardio exercises, and you'll be struttin' in your skinny jeans in no time.
Mountain Climber Combo 5: Mountain Climber/Bicycle

Cardio: Mountain Climber

Get on floor in a full push-up position, legs extended behind you with abs tight and head in line with heels. Bring right knee forward into chest, tapping right foot to floor, then switch legs, bringing left knee forward and right leg back while keeping hands in place. Continue, moving as quickly as possible, keeping hips down throughout.

Bicycle Combo 5: Mountain Climber/Bicycle

Strength: Bicycle (targets obliques)

Lie faceup on floor with legs extended and hands behind head, elbows out to sides. Bring right knee toward chest and lift head, neck and shoulders off floor, bringing left shoulder toward right knee. Hold here for 1 count, then switch sides, bringing left knee toward chest and right shoulder toward left knee while extending right leg. Repeat, speeding up move.

Put it together:

Mountain climber: 90 seconds
Bicycle: 30 seconds

Mountain climber: 60 seconds
Bicycle: 60 seconds

Mountain climber: 30 seconds
Bicycle: 90 seconds