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The Best Motion-Control Sneakers

Don't let your flat feet get in the way of a good run. These motion-control shoes have more support in the arch side of the foot, making them the perfect fit for runners with low arches or severe overpronation, which is when your feet roll inward.
Mizuno Wave Renegade 4 Mizuno Wave Renegade 4

With a wider tread and reinforced arch, the Mizuno Wave Renegade 4 lets you land without losing control and helps prevent ankle twists. These running sneakers are well cushioned for a comfy ride.

Our tester says: "These sneakers fit my flat feet like a glove! My ankles felt really supported, especially going down hills." -- Julia Glasscock, 45, from Winchester, Ohio, loves running half and full marathons. She currently logs 50 miles a week training to qualify for the Boston Marathon. (She's just five minutes shy of her goal!)

Mizuno Wave Renegade 4, $124