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8 Ways to Look and Feel Fabulous This Summer

We show you how to upgrade your hair, firm your butt, have silky skin, and feel like the star you are -- without spending a bundle of time or money doing it.
three women in bikinis dancing on beach Firm Your Rear

You dutifully do your lunges, but you still see cellulite when you're trying on swimsuits. Now there's new hope: Mitchell Chasin, MD, a laser surgeon in Livingston and Bridgewater, New Jersey, has had great results with a newly FDA-approved treatment called Cellulite by Thermage that uses radio-frequency energy to gently heat fat deposits beneath the skin. One session improves collagen production and blood flow, causing skin to become firmer and cellulite to diminish, says Dr. Chasin. The price is steep -- $4,000 -- but results can last for years as long as you eat right and exercise regularly.