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Love Your Legs, Thighs, and Butt

Here, we unlock the secret to a fabulous lower body. Read on for the shortcut to better thighs and even "tan" tips, and that's just the start!
woman in bikini from behind Love Your Butt

When it comes to the right bikini bottom, less can be more. "Many women choose a fuller-coverage bottom, thinking it will make their butts look smaller, but the extra fabric actually emphasizes what they're trying to conceal," says Lisa Letarte Cabrinha of Letarte Swimwear. For a trunk with the appearance of less junk, wear a smaller bottom, cut medium-high in the legs and straight across the front, that sits a few inches below your navel.

Do the one move pros swear by. For buns of steel, there are few moves as efficient as the basic forward lunge, which can be done anytime, anywhere. Best of all, lunges not only target the glutes but can also help tighten and tone the hips and thighs, says Hall. Start with two sets of 12 to 15 reps once a week, and work up to three sets two or three times a week. Step forward about a foot and a half, bending both knees 90 degrees. To prevent joint problems, make sure your front knee doesn't go past your toes.

Go undercover. A shaping undergarment can boost your confidence in short shorts or a miniskirt. Cass & Co.'s Wear Repair line (available at cassandco.com) is made from a blend of super-stretchy slimming nylon, copper, and spandex. Thanks to cleverly placed stitching, the Invisibellas Shaping Short lifts and separates to create a pair (no unibutt here) of perkier cheeks.

Tip: For foolproof flattery, try a string bikini bottom. Trust us: The adjustable ties make for a customized fit without hip, back, or booty bulge.