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Celeb Trainer Tips: Get Your Sexiest Body

If you want to flaunt a sexy body, you need to make peace with all your body parts. Check out these celebrity trainers' tips on sculpting sexy abs, legs, arms, shoulders, and butt. You'll have the confidence of an A-list celebrity!
pivoting squat press illustration Get Sexy Everything

Try Cardio...
"Focus on cardio that uses your whole body to challenge more muscles and burn extra calories in less time," says Gunnar Peterson, who's trained Jennifer Lopez and Gwen Stefani. Try rowing. "It's easy on joints and works every muscle," he says.

...and Sculpting
Targets: Arms, core, butt, and legs

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, holding a 5- to 10-pound dumbbell in each hand, elbows bent 90 degrees, with palms facing forward. Keeping chest up, squat down. As you lift back up through glutes, twist body to the left, allowing feet to pivot so that right heel lifts off the floor. At the same time, press dumbbells overhead. Return to start. Switch sides and repeat. Do 16 reps, alternating sides. Do 3 sets.

Fake It
"Dresses make everyone look hot," La Morte says. "Choose a slinky ankle-length number if you're tall, or a short trapeze style if you're petite. Add wooden platform shoes to look even leaner."

Originally published in FITNESS magazine, August 2007.