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Celeb Trainer Tips: Get Your Sexiest Body

If you want to flaunt a sexy body, you need to make peace with all your body parts. Check out these celebrity trainers' tips on sculpting sexy abs, legs, arms, shoulders, and butt. You'll have the confidence of an A-list celebrity!
stability ball hamstring curl illustration Get Sexy Legs

Try Cardio...
Do at least 30 minutes of heart-healthy cardio five times a week, says Harley Pasternak, who's trained Halle Berry and Jessica Simpson. Try cycling, running, in-line skating, and stair climbing, which all have thigh- and calf-sculpting payoffs.

...and Sculpting
To target hamstrings:

Lie faceup on floor with arms at sides, palms down and calves on top of a stability ball. Engage abs and roll ball toward body with heels, lifting hips. Once heels are on top of ball, slowly roll back to start, lowering body to floor. Do 20 reps; 3 sets.

Fake It
"Make legs look longer with pants that have a straight, narrow cut," says celebrity fashion stylist Gina La Morte, founder of TheStyleDoctor.com. "Shoes with peekaboo toes also extend the leg line, as do skirts that hit two inches above the knee."