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Before and After Photos: Real Women Try the Bikini Body Workout

Exercise before and after photos.
Allison Klein inset "I'm wearing my 'thin' clothes again!"

Goal: A mother of two from Stamford, Connecticut, Allison, 36, wanted to lose a few pounds and tighten her abs and butt.

Results: "I didn't drop a lot of weight, but my thighs look leaner, my butt seems smaller, and my arms are more defined."

Allison Klein swimsuit "I'm wearing my 'thin' clothes again!"

Stay-motivated strategy: "Some days I'd get home from work and just want to hang out, but I shifted my thinking from 'I'm too tired' to 'I know I'll feel great when I'm done.'"

What I loved about this workout: "After four weeks I went shopping; it was much less stressful. No more leaving the dressing room feeling like nothing fit! My husband noticed that I looked firmer. All that was fuel to keep me going."