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Before and After Photos: Real Women Try the Bikini Body Workout

Exercise before and after photos.
Jennifer Pesce inset "I can't wait to wear a bikini on my vacation!"

Goal: Jennifer, a 27-year-old marketing associate from New York City, wanted to tone her abs and thighs for a cruise.

Results: "I lost an inch around my waist and feel firmer all over."

Jennifer Pesce swimsuit "I can't wait to wear a bikini on my vacation!"

Stay-motivated strategy: "I didn't want to look like a beached whale on that cruise. Having a specific workout schedule helped me put time aside just for me."

Earliest change: "After only a few weeks, I started sleeping more soundly and felt more alert in the mornings."

Diet do-right: "Every two days I buy a gallon of water for myself (plus one for the goldfish on my desk). That way I can see just how much I'm drinking."

What I loved about this workout: "Having a specific plan to follow made it much easier to be consistent. Even when I travel now, I'm more conscious of staying active."