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Before and After Photos: Real Women Try the Bikini Body Workout

Exercise before and after photos.
lunge progression Why the Bikini Body Workout Works

These FITNESS readers tested our workout, and they're living proof that it gets results. Here's why they loved the plan (beyond tighter abs and firmer butts and thighs), and why you will, too!

1. It's efficient. Trainer Morgan Luzier has created a circuit workout that alternates strength and cardio. Result: Your heart rate stays elevated, so you'll optimize fat burn and blast significantly more calories than you would with a traditional strength plan.

2. It's got variety. Progressing through different phases of the circuit and switching up the intensity and duration of your cardio sessions keeps things fresh. And because you're always working your muscles in different ways, you'll see faster results.

3. It tones your middle. A strong midsection is vital to virtually every move you make, from squats to push-ups. So when it's strong, everything else benefits.

4. You'll get a serious energy boost. Every woman who completed our program reported feeling significantly more energetic after the workouts and throughout the day.

5. You'll feel fabulous! Yes, feeling good in a tankini is worth its weight in gold, but it's the whole package that counts -- more energy, more confidence, and a super mood!

shoulder-press progression out Why the Bikini Body Workout Works