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Quiz: How Fit Are You? Your Aerobic Ability


FITNESS's brand-new, do-anywhere test will help you determine how strong, speedy, and flexible you really are. It takes only a few minutes; you'll even get a mini workout just doing it! Then you can set a new goal and retake the test every six weeks to track your progress. Guaranteed, in that time you'll reach a new personal best!


Question 1 of 4

Time how long it takes you to walk or run a mile. Go as quickly as you possibly can -- whether that means walking, doing a run-walk combo, jogging, whatever it takes. Map out a course using your car's odometer or do it online at; or just head to a local quarter-mile track and run four laps. Did you finish in...


10 minutes or less?

10.1 to 17.5 minutes?

more than 17.5 minutes?

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