Survival of the Fit Test: Knife and Fork Lift
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Survival of the Fit Test: Knife and Fork Lift

We test the Knife and Fork Lift to see if these weighted utensils will actually help you shed pounds.
Knife and Fork Lift


The Claim: Take inches off with 1.5-pound utensils that slow you down at the dinner table.

The Tester: Assistant Editor Sarah D'Angelo

The Bottom Line: "After setting the table with my new utensils (a pair of dumbbells with a knife sticking out of one and a fork out of the other), I decided to try them on fried chicken and mashed potatoes. I doubted they could stop me from chowing down, but sure enough, by the third bite eating was hard work. I was tempted to lose the cutlery and eat caveman-style, but that would be cheating. Halfway through dinner I lost my appetite (gasp!). I'm sure I'd drop pounds if I ate with them for a few weeks, but I'd have to hide my regular silverware or I'd give up on them!"

Originally published in FITNESS magazine, February 2010.