Is Acetone Healthy for Your Nails?
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Is Acetone Healthy for Your Nails?

Why acetone nail polish remover is healthier for your nails than nonacetone nail polish remover.

Q. Should I use acetone or nonacetone nail polish remover?

A. Although acetone can dry out your nails, it's actually healthier in the long run. "It removes polish faster, so it spends less time on your tips," says Roxanne Valinoti of CND, a nail-care company. Slower-acting nonacetone can contain paint thinners, such as ethyl acetate, that are just as dehydrating; plus you have to repeatedly rub the nail's surface to clean it, stripping the natural oils, which causes breaks and splits over time. Soak your cotton ball in acetone for a thorough removal in a single swipe -- then wash your hands and rehydrate with hand cream or cuticle oil.

Originally published in FITNESS magazine, July/August 2009.