Speed Needs: Multitasking Beauty Tips
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Speed Needs: Multitasking Beauty Tips

Look prettier without adding a step to your primping plan.
Multitask: Apply sunscreen during your morning shower.

How to do it: Positively charged sunscreen capsules -- in both liquid and bar soaps -- stick to skin, which has a negative charge, without rinsing off. They're ideal for protecting hard-to-reach areas like the back. Liquid lovers, try St. Ives Elements Protective Cleanser, $6.99, drugstores; or raise the bar with Bethesda Sunscreen Soap, $8, bethesdaskincare.com.

Multitask: Get younger hands while you type.

How to do it: Alpha hydroxy acids offer triple the benefits: They moisturize, slough the scaly buildup of dead skin cells, and stimulate collagen growth. Get your fix from a fast-absorbing lotion like Lac-Hydrin Five, $15, drugstores, that won't leave your keyboard greasy.

Multitask: Whiten your teeth while you work out.

How to do it: New budge-proof brightening strips (in Crest Whitestrips Advanced Seal, $45 for a 14-day kit, drugstores) wrap tightly around your teeth, allowing you to break a sweat -- and even take a swig from your water bottle -- while exercising. The grip boosts the peroxide penetration as well (the closer the peroxide is to teeth, the more effective the results will be).

Originally published in FITNESS magazine, April 2009.