Take-It-Off Tricks: Burn More Calories at Every Workout
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Take-It-Off Tricks: Burn More Calories at Every Workout

Skipped a few workouts? You may need to boost the calorie burn on your next workout. FITNESS's advisory board has tips and tricks to help you burn more calories the next time you lace up your sneakers.
Your Workout: Power Walking

If you normally power walk: 3.5 mph pace = 243 calories/hour

Then add... A Weighted Vest
Carrying the extra load requires more calories per step but won't alter your form, like carrying dumbbells can, trainer Jari Love says. We found one for $70 at walkvest.com.

Bonus Burn: 45 more calories/hour

Your Workout: Running on the Treadmill

If you normally run on the treadmill: 6 mph pace = 640 calories/hour

Then add... An Incline
Alternate 5 minutes running flat and 10 minutes running on a 3.5 percent to 6.5 percent incline, maintaining the same speed throughout, trainer Keli Roberts says.

Bonus Burn: 74 more calories/hour

Your Workout: Weight-Training

If you normally weight-train: 384 calories/hour

Then add... Plyometrics (jumping exercises)
Make your second set of each move supercharged: After a set of squats, do squat jumps; after lunges, do jumping lunges, trainer Annette Lang says.

Bonus Burn: 128 more calories/hour


Originally published in FITNESS magazine, March 2009.