Yoga Playlist
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Yoga Playlist

This yoga playlist has seven soul-soothing songs that'll put you in a flexible trance.

Sometimes all it takes is a good kickboxing class or a hard run to defuse my stress. But when the high-energy approach doesn't do the job, yoga is my saving grace. This new playlist by Cyndi Lee, founder of Om Yoga, is soothing and energizing, and it'll stretch your muscles and your mind from your opening sun salutations through shavasana. It runs from classic chanting by master Krishna Das to the rhythmic, electronic sounds of Kodomo. (Don't miss Swadisthana by Vive; those eight minutes alone get me breathing and refocused when I really need it.) I'm going to have to find a way to share the whole list with the new instructor at the gym who actually conducted a music-free class last week. I barely made it! My favorites -- which will take you through about 40 minutes of rejuvenation and relaxation -- are below, and Cyndi's full playlist is available at iTunes. Her picks draw me in to my practice, keep me going when I think I can't do one more vinyasa, and dissipate my mental chatter so I can stay in the present moment. Ommmm...

Yoga Playlist

Gentle Voice - Michael Hewett
Michael Hewett - OM Yoga Mix, Pt. 2 - Gentle Voice

Freeze - Kodomo
Kodomo - OM Yoga Mix, Pt. 2 - Freeze (Yoga Mix)

Tulong - The Beyman Bros.
The Beyman Bros. - OM Yoga Mix, Pt. 2 - Tulong

Hasret - Omar Faruk Tekbilek
Omar Faruk Tekbilek - OM Yoga Mix, Pt. 2 - Hasret

Swadisthana - Vive
Vive - OM Yoga Mix, Pt. 2 - Swadisthana

Kiss of Bliss - Steve Gorn & Jamie Lawrence
Jamie Lawerence & Steve Gornhttp://ax.phob - OM Yoga Mix, Pt. 2 - Kiss of Bliss

Mantra - Krishna Das
Krishna Das - OM Yoga Mix, Pt. 2 - Mantra

Originally published on, June 2008.