Meet Our Wii Fit Bloggers
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Meet Our Wii Fit Bloggers

Meet our three fabulous Wii bloggers: Kelly Davitt, Ann Enzminger, and Danielle Saliman.

Kelly Davitt

A recent college graduate, I am 22 years of age and work in PR. I live in New Jersey and commute into Manhattan daily. I thoroughly enjoy happy hours.

A used-to-be-avid yoga aficionado, my exercise habits have trailed off since transitioning into the real world. Besides yoga, I love to sweat through spin and kickboxing classes. My recent love/hate relationship with working out hinges upon the difficult task of finding time to exercise after a long day of work. I have a gym membership but can't remember the last time I used it.

I looovvve pizza, pasta, and everything else unhealthy that starts with a "p" and contains lots of carbs. I consider myself a cookie connoisseur. I've lived abroad twice in two different countries and am a big believer in having good food and good drinks with good friends.


Ann Enzminger

My name is Ann Bettison Enzminger. I moved to New York 10 years ago to pursue my dreams of rock stardom and live in a city with 24-hour public transportation. I am in a band called "A Brief View of the Hudson" which the Onion has referred to as "surprisingly tolerable" and the New York Press labeled the Best Folk Rock Duo for 2005. I am the Salon Director at Mark Garrison Salon on the Upper East Side and am therefore, more often than not, perfectly coiffed by a fantastic team of people. I'm thinking about asking my boss if we can hook up my Wii to one of the flat screens in the lobby to get the staff's reaction to this crazy gadget.

I am from Texas, and for most of my life I was a fat kid whose mother weighed 98 pounds. Because I gave up my dreams of being an elite gymnast at age 10, I just expanded like my Wii avatar right before everybody's eyes. Although the weight might be thrilled to live it up on my inner thighs, I am not happy. I want to be fit. I want to be Wii fit.


Danielle Saliman

I am a 35-year-old married mother of two young kids (Eli, 3, and Lila, 2). I work full time as a researcher for a weekly magazine. Struggling with fatigue from multiple sclerosis (and lack of sleep from all things domestic) has kept me from being a more active mom. My goals are to lower my cholesterol, follow a healthy diet, lose at least 30 pounds, and feel more energetic. With the help of the Wii Fit gaming system and my stick-to-it attitude, my leaner, sexier body is only months away.