The FITNESS Healthy Holidays Checklist
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The FITNESS Healthy Holidays Checklist

Don't let your regular regimen fly out the window this holiday season. Stick to this FITNESS checklist to keep yourself in check.

Check Yourself

The holidays have a way of wreaking havoc on your healthy habits. Between the cheese plate, the pecan pie, and that fast-food stop on the way to Aunt Suzie's house, your healthy resolutions can fly right out the window.

FITNESS to the rescue! Here are some of the ways we plan to keep our skinny jeans out of storage this holiday season.

Quick Workouts

Put those elastic-waist pants away! Just because your house is filled with relatives doesn't mean you can't squeeze in a few effective workouts (hey, hauling 15 shopping bags around the mall for four hours even counts toward your cardio). In fact, with all that's going on this time of year, you could definitely use a little me time.


Easy Eating Strategies

Freeze! Step away from the fudge. 'Tis traditionally the season for overindulgence, but here's where it ends. We've collected dozens of guilt-free hors d'oeuvres and even healthy dinner recipes that all food lovers can enjoy!


Party-Ready Looks

No sun, dry air, and biting wind -- every year, winter takes its toll on ohttp://pcontent1a/iw-cc/command/ skin. No more! This year, try some of our favorite cold-weather beauty tricks and keep your face glowing until spring.


Simple Stress Busters

As much as we'll be giving during the holiday season, we can't forget to take a little, too -- time for ourselves, that is! Ring in the New Year with a resolution to take care of you. Get energized and stay calm with a few of our favorite sanity-saving tricks. This is your year!

Start Your Healthy Checklist

You're far more likely to stick to a resolution if you commit to it in front of a few witnesses. What do you want to accomplish as one year comes to a close and another begins? Start your healthy checklist now and post it on the boards -- it's easy, and you may get a few ideas from your fellow FITNESS readers! (We posted our personal checklists, too!)