Best Base Layer
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Best Base Layer

Alice Oglethorpe tests out an environmentally friendly workout fleece.

While I am as concerned about the state of our environment as the next outdoorsy gal, I hate having to give up performance to go green. So I'm loving the way companies like Patagonia keep their products earth-friendly while still giving me cool technology -- and keeping it cute. This top is a perfect example. It's 100 percent recycled, made up of things you wouldn't expect: Plastic bottles, shower curtains, old Patagonia fleeces, old uniforms, polyester signs, and more. Plus, when you don't want it anymore, return it to Patagonia and it'll be recycled into a new garment. For the performance angle, the fabric is fast-wicking, fast-drying, and super breathable -- perfect for hot-weather activities. It also has a thing called Gladiodor (love that name!) that is Patagonia's odor-control system, which if you're sweating in the sun you will definitely need.


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Originally published on, August 2007.