4 Healthy Beauty Buys: Healthy Skin and Hair Must-Dos
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4 Healthy Beauty Buys: Healthy Skin and Hair Must-Dos

These beauty products have a healthy theme -- one that lets you stay active and smudge-proof and sun-safe.

Trend #1: Washing with Sunscreen

According to the International Journal of Dermatology, 86 percent of people say they took precautions before spending hours in the sun, but only 26 percent used sunscreen most of the time when they were out and about for more than an hour. "Unprotected incidental exposure, like taking a walk or even driving, causes fine lines, freckles, and skin cancer," says Elizabeth I. Goldberg, MD, founder of Urban Dermatology in New York City and a marathon runner. Safeguard your skin for everyday exposure with an ionic cleanser, which leaves behind an invisible layer of SPF 15 when you wash your face. If you'll be in the sun for an hour or more, apply (and reapply) a high-level SPF 30 to 45 sweatproof formula.

Try: Freeze 24-7 Ice Shield Facial Cleanser with SPF15, $48, freeze247.com. This creamy SPF wash also has skin-soothing coconut, white willow, and white tea extracts.


Trend #2: Going Beyond "Waterproof"

How cool is this: Mascara that won't melt, smear, or smudge, no matter how much you sweat. Nope, it's not a traditional "waterproof" or "long-wear" formula. These looooong-lasters are made with carbon-black pigments and special polymers that stay put "even if you're training for a marathon or sweating through bikram yoga," says runner and New York City makeup artist Helene Macaulay. Plus, botanical conditioners treat lashes while defining them.

Try: Lorac Publicity Stunt Lashes, $18.50, sephora.com. It adheres to lashes for up to three days and repels water.


Trend #3: Wearing Your Vitamins

Swipe on a gloss packed with nutrients before you head outside and you'll get much more than a pretty face. The newest keep your lips plump and line-free with anti-aging botanicals and protective antioxidants, like supplements for the skin. "These ingredients aid in healing and repairing damage caused by the sun, and because lip skin is extra thin, they can be absorbed fast," says Mary Lupo, MD, a clinical professor of dermatology at Tulane University in New Orleans and an avid walker.

Try: Tarte Vitamin-Infused Lipgloss Trio Powered by BORBA, $45, qvc.com. Packed with super protective antioxidants like acai, grape-seed, and lychee extracts.


Trend #4: The Tony Ponytail

"The easiest way to put your hair up stylishly this season is to dress up your ponytail with a sleek headband," says Sarah Potempa, a celebrity hairstylist for Aussie who swims, plays tennis, and practices yoga four times a week. Try a wide cotton band that wicks away perspiration. Her three-step pony: 1) Make a high pony by looking up toward the ceiling as you pull strands back. 2) Secure with a snag-free elastic (like Goody Ouchless, $1.99, drugstores). 3) Place a headband about an inch or so away from your hairline.

Try: i/m Adjustable Hold Head Wrap, $7.99 for two, studioim.com. These soft fabric bands have a Velcro close.


Originally published in FITNESS magazine, September 2007.