Calorie Bargain: Ziploc's Zip 'n Steam Microwave Steam Cooking Bags
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Calorie Bargain: Ziploc's Zip 'n Steam Microwave Steam Cooking Bags

A fast and healthy way to cook vegetables.
Diet Detective

The Why: We're always crunched for time. Kids, family, pets, errands, shopping, work, the list is endless. Well, this new product from the makers of Ziploc (SC Johnson) is a real time-saver. You can have a meal in a tenth of the time it takes to get in your car (because I'm sure you don't walk) to get a burger at a fast-food drive-through.

The Health Bonus: Vegetables in about three minutes -- sounds unbelievable. How about a full healthy meal in four minutes? It's all possible with these new bags.

What We Liked Best: The instructions are right on the bag along with serving sizes. It's also very easy to use, no water added. Just throw the food in the bag, wait a few minutes, and you have a meal. Almost no cleanup, and it's leak-proof. Although the bags are made for one-time use, I've managed to reuse them when the zipper part still works. If you do reuse, make sure you don't cross-contaminate (using it for raw meat and then for vegetables, for example).

What We Liked Least: Well, I wish it were a bit less expensive.

What It Replaces: Fast food and oversteamed vegetables.

The Price: 30 medium bags (2-3 servings per bag) and 14 large bags (3-5 servings per bag) for $15.99 (plus tax) part of a limited time offer which includes free shipping.

Offerings: The bags are available in two sizes: medium (2-3 servings) and large (3-5 servings).

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Ingredients: According to the company, the "bags feature an innovative design with patented steam vents that allow the bag to maintain optimal steaming pressure so food cooks at a higher temperature and retains more moisture. In addition, the bags lie flat in the microwave so food cooks thoroughly and evenly without needing to be stirred halfway through the cooking process."

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Reprinted with permission from, July 2007.