Plane Food: Smart Snacks for Air Travel
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Plane Food: Smart Snacks for Air Travel

Want to keep up your diet, even while traveling? Here's what to eat at 30,000 feet.

After aisle versus window, your next big choice when flying is deciding what to eat. "Go with the option that will give you the most protein and fiber to keep you full until you land," says Charles Stuart Platkin, MPH, founder of diet


Here, his favorite in-flight foods on five top carriers:


Pick the 580-calorie Rightbite, which includes tuna, hummus, pita chips, and a chocolate treat.


Your best bet is a turkey or ham sandwich. "You'll get a good mix of protein and carbohydrates for less than 205 calories," says Platkin.

Jet Blue

The protein-rich cashew halves are a satisfying snack for just 170 calories.


Opt for the Cinn-a-Berry Breakfast Blend (149 calories for 4 ounces), a mix of nuts and fruits, including raisins and cinnamon almonds.

US Airways

Ask for the Snack Pack and zero in on the 110-calorie dried fruit and nut mix.

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Originally published in FITNESS magazine, July 2007.