Your Prettiest Hair Possible
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Your Prettiest Hair Possible

Italo Gregorio, top stylist at Victoria's Secret, gave our beauty director the goods on how to make hair sexy every day. Here, 10 ways to get hot hair.

Ten Tips for Sexy Style

1. Start straight. Sounds counterintuitive, but the easiest way to get sultry, frizz-free waves is with straight strands. Working with small sections (2 inches, says Gregorio) and a giant round brush, blow-dry until hair is about 95 percent dry.

2. Make waves. Warm a dollop of mousse between your palms and apply throughout hair, starting from the roots down to the ends. Wrap 3-inch chunks of the hair around your crown onto Velcro rollers. Blast with heat from the blow-dryer, then allow hair to cool down (about 10 minutes). Remove rollers to reveal soft, sexy waves.

3. Think big. Lift the top section of your hair up and pin over to one side. Tease the area just underneath using a fine-tooth comb. (Back-comb no more than three times to minimize damage, says Gregorio.) Unpin the first section and smooth into place for an instantly sultry, Brigitte Bardot-inspired style.

4. Play a new part. Switching your part from its natural side or trying a center part makes your style look fresh, whether you have a cropped cut or a lengthy mane. Also, you'll get added volume, since your hair isn't "trained" to lie flat in that spot, says Gregorio.

5. Add an extension or two. Even a single swatch of strands (they're typically about 2 inches wide) can create the illusion of major body. Clip it in at the crown, then use a curling iron to create a uniform texture, blending the faux hair in with your own.

6. Go curl crazy. Speaking of curling irons, the tool can be amazing for enforcing waves -- so they hold their shape longer -- and enhancing shine, says Gregorio. Take a medium-barreled iron (about 1 to 1 1/2 inches) and loosely wrap random sections around it, holding each for 30 seconds before releasing.

7. Brush with greatness. The quickest route to sultry, bed-head hair? Run a natural-bristle brush through locks from crown to ends. "Nothing is as sensual as the soft, touchable texture you get after brushing," says Gregorio.

8. Enhance layers. Add a bit of gloss at your ends to create a "piece-y" look. If you have long hair, use a dime-size drop of styling cream, or if your locks are short, a heavier wax.

9. Give yourself a hand. Keep your hair looking fresh and natural (read: not too "done") with a quick tousle, says Gregorio. Apply a glossy pomade to your fingertips, then run through locks to soften your styling.

10. Try an accessory. Add instant sex appeal to any length locks with a bejeweled clip placed just above the ear. The hottest clips right now take their inspiration from nature -- like a butterfly, a snake, or a flower.

5 Sexy Hair Essentials

For instant shine: Herbal Essences Shimmery Nights Spray Gel, $4.99, drugstores

For lasting style: Victoria's Secret So Sexy Natural Hold Hairspray, $9.50,

For va-va-voom volume: L.A. Looks Bomb Shell Super Sexy Volume Gel, $2.99, drugstores

For soft body: got2b 2sexy Voluptuous Volume Mousse, $5.99, drugstores

For frizz-fighting: Samysilk Anti-Frizz Smoothing Serum, $7.99,

Originally published in FITNESS magazine, February 2007.