If Testosterone Could Talk: What Men Think Is Sexy
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If Testosterone Could Talk: What Men Think Is Sexy

Men reveal 3 things that turn them on -- and 3 things that don't.

If testosterone could talk, every woman in the universe would listen. Or rather, we'd attempt to listen and then interject questions. Such as: What do men think is sexy? We've got our own girl-scouted ideas, but how accurate are they? Two male specimens help us revise our working "sexy" list.

GO FOR IT! Glasses

They create the illusion of increased salary potential. Justin Racz, author of 50 Dates Worse Than Yours, says, "One day, she may earn enough to support me!"

GO FOR IT! Lip Gloss

"The glossier the better," says Greg Behrendt, coauthor of It's Called a Breakup Because It's Broken. "It's a quick way to look sexy without putting on a lot of makeup."

GO FOR IT! Lingerie

"It's like the tissue paper before you get to the gift," says Behrendt.

WATCH IT! Cleavage

"Hint that it's there, but don't show me everything," Behrendt warns.

WATCH IT! High Heels

Behrendt says, "My wife has a pair of Pradas that make her calves look so sexy." But beware of how high you go, says Racz. "If she's taller than me, it's a little intimidating."

SKIP IT! Fancy Bedding

"She could have one-count sheets for all I care," says Racz. "I still sleep on the same ones I had in high school."

Originally published in FITNESS magazine, January 2007.