"My Better-Body Secrets"
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"My Better-Body Secrets"

With only 4 little pounds left to lose, Lisa takes a look back at the last 6 months -- what worked, what didn't, and how she plans to stay lean for life.

What Worked for Lisa

It's here: The homestretch, and Lisa Renwick, 37, looks great and feels even better. She's got tons more energy, is optimistic about the future, and has picked up a few tips along the way. Below, she reveals what she learned over the last six months.

Her Diet

What worked: Eating balanced meals and snacks
"I stopped eating my kids' leftovers and started combining protein, fat, and carbs at all meals. Cindy Sherwin, RD, my dietitian, devised this strategy, and I don't feel deprived or hungry between meals."

What didn't: Making seafood at home
"Cindy said adding more variety to my diet would help me avoid temptation. Enter the fish: Don't get me wrong, I like fish, but cooking it -- the prep work, the smell -- just seemed like too much trouble. Instead, I'll have a tuna sandwich for lunch and order sushi for dinner."

Her Workout

What worked: Adding in strength workouts and Pilates
"My body has its limits, but Leslie Rice Hart, my trainer, tailors workouts around how I feel. My arms are looking toned, and I got my waist back! It's exciting to see such a dramatic difference."

What didn't: Superintense cardio
"Jumping jacks and jumping rope was too hard on my entire body. For now, combining weights and cardio is a routine I can live with. And I love Pilates; it's great to focus once a week on core strength."

Her Life
Lisa Renwick start
Lisa's "Before" Photo

What worked: Setting new goals
I feel empowered by my sessions with Lois Barth, my life coach, and I've taken more initiative to pursue my passions. Like my blog: I actually enrolled in a class that teaches people how to be better bloggers. I also want to learn to speak in public more confidently, so I'm looking into joining Toastmasters. That's the great thing about losing weight and improving my lifestyle: It makes me want to succeed in other areas as well!"

What didn't: Being too hard on myself
"Lois is always telling me that I'm my own worst critic, and she's right. Like the other day: I had a pastry craving, and I was really beating myself up about it. I went to the convenience store to get one, but at the last second, I grabbed a chocolate peppermint Lunabar instead. I felt better knowing I'd made a healthier choice."

Lisa's Latest Stats

Start Now
Height 5'2" 5'2"
Weight 150 lb. 134 lb.
Body Fat 31.5%


Chest 40" 37"
Arm 11.5" 10.75"
Abs 34.75"


Hips 41.5"


Thigh 21.5" 18.25"
Left to lose 20 lb 4 lb.


My Goals This Month

  • Keep the kids' food separate from mine -- and resist the urge to sneak a few nibbles. I don't even like chicken nuggets.
  • Up the intensity of my interval workouts as I get stronger.
  • Try to schedule a once-a-week date with my husband -- nothing fancy, just a little quality together time.
  • Keep a stash of Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches in the fridge -- but don't eat more than one at a time!

Originally published in FITNESS magazine, December 2006.