Antioxidants: Top 10 Healthy Foods
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Antioxidants: Top 10 Healthy Foods

Antioxidants are the key to healthy eating. Which foods pack the most nutrients?

Researchers at the University of Oslo wanted to know which foods have the highest concentration of antioxidants, the natural chemicals in food that make it healthy and prevent disease, so they tested 1,113 common foods and drinks, from apples to waffles. Their findings: Ounce for ounce, spices, herbs, nuts, and seeds pack the most nutrients. But if we're talking typical serving size, berries (five different kinds) also dominate the top ranks. The most surprising find? Chocolate ice cream rated higher than fruits like honeydew and green grapes! Here, the best 10 foods to eat to "anti" up:

  1. Blackberries (1 cup)
  2. Walnuts (1 ounce, 15-20 halves)
  3. Strawberries (1 cup sliced)
  4. Artichoke hearts (1 cup)
  5. Cranberries (1 cup, whole)
  6. Brewed coffee (8 ounces)
  7. Raspberries (1 cup)
  8. Pecans (1 ounce, 20 jumbo kernels)
  9. Blueberries (1 cup)
  10. Ground cloves (1 teaspoon)

Originally published in FITNESS magazine, November 2006.